Gen.1- Update 1

Meet Tobias Stanton, the founder of this legacy. I don’t think I’ve ever started a legacy with a male founder, so I thought it was time for a change. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out.

03-24-15_7-45 PM-2

And as is the case in most legacies this shiny suit of armor, that has consumed the majority of our funds, will be residing in the inventory.

03-24-15_7-46 PM

Leaving us with just enough to buy these few things.

03-24-15_7-48 PM

And left Tobias with just enough to pay to paint. I later realised that I could have painted at the museum… ah hindsight.

He made a whopping £19 profit off his first painting.

03-24-15_7-48 PM-2

He got a job in the painting career since he has the painter aspiration. So after he’d painted enough for work it was time to go spouse hunting at Blue Velvet.

I could not believe my luck. I put three female sims from #legacyloves on the gallary into Willow Creek and like two seconds after he arrives one of them walks straight onto the lot. That never happens for me.

03-24-15_8-26 PM

Anywho it was time for Tobias to make a friend. And they hit it off wonderfully.

03-24-15_8-26 PM-2

I have never had two sims becomes such fast friends. I then discovered that they had two of the same traits, creative and family orientated. So yeah that probably had a lot to with it.

Barely two minutes had passed before they were flirting.

03-24-15_8-29 PM-2

03-24-15_8-29 PM

03-24-15_8-33 PM-2

And then they had their first kiss. However, their lips never actually touched so I don’t really count it…

03-24-15_8-34 PM

Lets face it they pretty much just kissed the air between them.

So I got them to try again.

03-24-15_8-34 PM-3

I guess there was some improvement…

And with this smooth slick back of his hair he asked Louisa to be his girlfriend.

03-24-15_8-29 PM-4

And obviously she said yes, like you do when you’ve just met a guy like ten minutes ago…

Then Tobias got all excited.

03-24-15_8-35 PM

He then looked worried when Louisa didn’t seem quite as excited.

03-24-15_8-35 PM-2

Louisa then calmed his worries with her own happy dance.

03-24-15_8-35 PM-3

But oh no, Tobias did not stop there. Finding a girlfriend in one day wasn’t enough.

He then proceeded get down on one knee and pop the question.

03-24-15_8-36 PM-3

And this dude thought he’d stand right in front of them, so between him and that brick wall, photo angles were not easy.

03-24-15_8-37 PM

He promptly stood for the whole thing.

But of course, Louisa said yes, to a man she had just met.

03-24-15_8-37 PM-4

Dude: She’s out of your league

03-24-15_8-38 PM-5

Louisa went inside the Blue Velvet, leaving Tobias outside.

Tobias: Yeah she’s gonna be my wife

Dude: She could do better

03-24-15_8-39 PM

They then started to argue. Hands on hips, fingers pointing. It was brutal…

03-24-15_8-39 PM-4

03-24-15_8-39 PM-5

03-24-15_8-39 PM-7

03-24-15_8-39 PM-6

So after that was finally over I thought to myself, what better spot to get married in than the one where they A. Met, B. Had their first kiss, C. Became boyfriend and girlfriend and D. Got engaged.

Might as well keep it all in the same place, on the same day…

And since neither of them have any friends to speak of, they eloped in their spot.

03-24-15_9-35 PM

03-24-15_9-35 PM-2

Yep he’s wrapped around her little finger.

03-24-15_9-36 PM-2

03-24-15_9-36 PM-3

03-24-15_9-37 PM-2

Yay nothing quite like random confetti shooting out of nowhere to confirm that they are now indeed, husband and wife. This is like a new record for me. I’ve never got a founder married that fast, the sun has at least normally set.

03-24-15_9-37 PM-3

And then poof just like the magical confetti she was gone…

03-24-15_9-46 PM

Not gonna lie, at first I was like oh no where is she and then longer than I’d like to admit I realised she was waiting at home… *facepalm*.

Finally back at home Tobias and Louisa got a bit busy…

03-24-15_10-40 PM

Which was followed by toilet confetti and a rather proud looking Louisa. These sims are seriously used to having random confetti thrown at them. I mean if my toilet threw confetti at me I’d probably have a heart attack.

03-24-15_10-41 PM

She then woke Tobias to fill him in on the good news.

03-24-15_10-41 PM-4

Which he didn’t seem too keen at first.

03-24-15_10-42 PM

But that was followed with fist bumping the air so he must have come around to the idea pretty fast or at least been pretty proud of himself. Hate to break it to you Tobias but pregnancy tests are not only 99% accurate on the sims but they are also positive about 99% of the time. Well for me at least.

03-24-15_10-42 PM-2

The following morning Tobias finally had his first day at work.

Louisa also got a job in the painting career since she’s creative and her aspiration is the soulmate one. I figure they can both do a different branch of the career.

03-24-15_10-47 PM

Tobias returned home with a promotion.

03-24-15_10-49 PM

And his bonus helped to buy a few more things.

03-24-15_10-50 PM

So now they could paint together, which was also helping to bring in a bit more money.

03-24-15_10-51 PM

And finally I let them have something to eat other than cereal, though I was still not prepared to have them actually try to cook. So salad it is.

03-24-15_10-51 PM-2

Though even a neat sim may need a lesson in kitchen hygiene.

Ah poor Tobias blissfully unaware of the secret ingredient.

03-24-15_10-51 PM-3

03-24-15_10-51 PM-4

03-24-15_10-51 PM-5

At this point I noticed that Louisa didn’t actually have a bump yet. Which is strange for me because my sims normally get a bump as soon as they find out there having a baby.

03-24-15_10-52 PM

Good to see Tobias is helping to keep the place clean.

Probably trying to keep his pregnant neat-freak wife from going crazy at him. Anything for a peaceful life.

03-24-15_10-53 PM

Finally, spotted the next morning, Louisa has a bump.03-24-15_10-54 PM

Louisa returned home from work that night with a promotion. Tobias, however, didn’t get one.

03-24-15_10-56 PM-2

The bump kept on growing.

03-24-15_10-59 PM

And apparently if you wet yourself you’ll be spontaneously covered in dirt??

03-24-15_11-00 PM

Due to a late night and that little accident, Louisa took family leave because she was in no fit state to work.

But at least, once she was finally in a good mood, she did something productive.

03-24-15_11-02 PM

And since the left over salad had run out by this point, I decided it was finally time I unleashed them on the stove.

Fire extinguishers at the ready. (The first fire I had on sims 4 was disastrous. I had a fire alarm so I expected the fire men to come, so I got my sims to run outside so they didn’t die and sat and watched as nearly the whole house went up in flames. I then realised that no fireman was actually going to come to the rescue, so I had to send my sims to put it out. I learnt a lot about sims 4 fires that day)

03-24-15_11-03 PM-2

But yay there was no disastrous fires today.

And Tobias is still keeping the place clean.

03-24-15_11-04 PM-2

Currently this is about as close as they get to a date. Which I really need to sort out if Louisa is ever going to complete her aspirations. You’ll probably find me trying to cram that in right at the end of the generation. Oh how I love to procrastinate.

03-24-15_11-05 PM

Finally it was baby time.

03-24-15_11-06 PM-3

And, as all my male sims seem to do, Tobias remained asleep.

03-24-15_11-07 PM

Needless to say I made him to go the hospital with Louisa.

03-24-15_11-07 PM-2

And may I introduce, Aubrey Stanton.

03-24-15_11-11 PM

I’ll leave it there until the next update 🙂


Gen.3- Update 3

Jasper invented a satellite dish at work that he can use to try and contact aliens. It is now in their garden.

06-23-15_2-20 PM - Copy

Jasper spends most of his time at work controlling his co-workers minds so they change clothes.

06-23-15_2-25 PM - Copy

06-23-15_2-26 PM-2 - Copy

06-23-15_2-26 PM-3 - Copy

Jasper had a little catch up with Romeo…

06-23-15_2-31 PM-2 - Copy

Before long it was baby time.

06-23-15_2-33 PM - Copy

Unlike Romeo, Jasper checked in at the front desk for Melisa, but he then stayed in reception for the entire thing.

06-23-15_2-34 PM - Copy

06-23-15_2-35 PM - Copy

06-23-15_2-37 PM - Copy

And here we have Elise Stanton.

06-23-15_2-37 PM-2 - Copy

06-23-15_2-38 PM-4 - Copy

Jasper adores her.

07-07-15_11-36 AM - Copy

Even Tobias came to see his great-granddaughter.

07-07-15_11-40 AM - Copy

Jasper’s next invention was a clone machine.

07-07-15_2-09 PM - Copy

07-07-15_2-09 PM-2 - Copy

07-07-15_2-10 PM - Copy

Now we have two flowers. I need to get this thing upgraded and see what else I can clone…

07-07-15_2-10 PM-3 - Copy

But he upgraded the sim ray so it can now mind control people to clean.

07-07-15_2-11 PM-2 - Copy

07-07-15_2-12 PM - Copy

07-07-15_2-13 PM - Copy

Elise grew up into a child with the creative aspiration.

07-07-15_2-17 PM - Copy

Daddy daughter time.

07-07-15_2-18 PM - Copy

So one night this happened…

07-07-15_2-38 PM - Copy

07-07-15_2-38 PM-2 - Copy

And while he was gone the house got swarmed with aliens.

07-07-15_2-23 PM - Copy

Jasper was soon he returned.

07-07-15_2-45 PM - Copy

07-07-15_2-41 PM-2 - Copy

He then found more aliens inside.

07-07-15_2-24 PM-2 - Copy

07-07-15_2-24 PM-3 - Copy

They just started chilling out with the family.

07-07-15_2-25 PM - Copy

He then found an alien at work too.

07-07-15_2-55 PM - Copy

He finished building his rocket and headed out into space himself.

07-07-15_3-05 PM - Copy

07-07-15_3-05 PM-4 - Copy

07-07-15_3-05 PM-5 - Copy

But he didn’t really find anything interesting.

He made synthetic food again and unlike last time this one actually worked.

07-07-15_3-11 PM-2 - Copy

07-07-15_3-11 PM-3 - Copy

Done some work to the garden.

07-07-15_11-10 AM

07-07-15_11-10 AM-2

Hot-tub!! 🙂

07-07-15_11-10 AM-3

Which Jasper and Melisa immediately tried out.

07-07-15_11-45 AM

07-07-15_11-46 AM

07-07-15_11-47 AM-2

07-07-15_11-47 AM-4

07-07-15_11-48 AM-2

But there was no toilet confetti this time.

07-07-15_11-50 AM-3

Also got an observatory too.

07-07-15_3-18 PM

Jasper returned home from work one day to a disaster.

07-07-15_3-14 PM-3

07-07-15_3-14 PM-2

Megan’s time had come while she was in the pool.

07-07-15_3-15 PM

Jasper pleaded with grim reaper but he wouldn’t listen. 😦

07-07-15_3-15 PM-4

07-07-15_3-16 PM-2

And just like that Megan was gone 😥

07-07-15_3-16 PM-4

She joined Romeo and her parents in the family graveyard. (I have also noticed that all of Megan’s sisters have passed away).

07-07-15_3-17 PM

The next day at work Jasper found a tourist snooping round the lab.

07-07-15_3-24 PM

I don’t think he’ll be back again soon…

07-07-15_3-24 PM-3

Eventually the toilet threw confetti again.

07-07-15_3-30 PM

07-07-15_3-31 PM-4

07-07-15_3-31 PM-7

Melisa already had a tiny bump straight away.

07-07-15_3-36 PM

Jasper upgraded the sim ray so that it could also mind control people to sit.

07-07-15_3-38 PM

Sometimes I worry he’s getting a little too close to this machine. Terminator anyone? 😉

07-07-15_3-39 PM

Found some aliens in the pool.

07-07-15_3-51 PM

The hot tub broke with nice green slimy bubbles.

07-07-15_3-51 PM-2

The family got invited to Gracie’s birthday party.

07-07-15_3-53 PM

Plenty of familiar faces were there.


07-07-15_3-54 PM

Jake and Rosie.

07-07-15_3-54 PM-5


07-07-15_3-54 PM-6

And obviously Gracie.

07-07-15_3-56 PM

Unlike at my parties, this caterer actually made the cake. (It’s not Gracie though I thought it was at first.)

07-07-15_3-55 PM

Got these cute pictures of Elise and Melisa at the party.

07-07-15_3-54 PM-3

07-07-15_3-54 PM-4

07-07-15_3-57 PM-2

Jasper got promoted and got this snazzy new outfit that kinda looks like he has a robot arm.

07-07-15_4-25 PM

And Melisa had the baby. This time she had a home birth.

07-07-15_4-15 PM

07-07-15_4-17 PM-2

Meet Jace Stanton.

07-07-15_4-17 PM-4

I finally got around to experimenting with Jasper’s inventions. The first choice was to transform some stuff with the sim ray.

I started with Gracie’s old bed.

07-13-15_12-50 PM-2

Which probably wasn’t a good idea. They’re pretty short of money at the moment.

07-13-15_12-50 PM-3

So I picked the flowers next.

07-13-15_12-50 PM-5

Which turned into an antique typewriter, which was great, except I didn’t want to sell it since that was career reward that I hadn’t unlocked yet.

07-13-15_12-51 PM

So I moved onto the other flowers.

07-13-15_12-52 PM-2

Which turned into a pot of toothbrushes. :/

07-13-15_12-52 PM-3

Next I changed the picture on the wall which also changed into a career reward.

07-13-15_12-53 PM

07-13-15_12-53 PM-2

At this point I realised I could transform things again, so I transformed the toothbrushes.

07-13-15_12-53 PM-3

And got flowers again…

07-13-15_12-53 PM-4

But they transformed into this, which I wanted to keep.

07-13-15_12-54 PM-2

So I moved back to the bed.

07-13-15_12-54 PM-3

Which turned into this lovely bed. Which I promptly sold for 8,500 🙂

07-13-15_12-54 PM-4

By the end of his transforming exercise we’d also found these…

07-13-15_1-02 PM

07-13-15_1-02 PM-2

Which all ended up in Elise’s room.

07-13-15_1-05 PM

Jace grew up into a child with the evil trait.

07-13-15_1-22 PM

A nice picture of Elise and Jace 🙂

07-13-15_1-43 PM

And that’s it for this update 🙂

Gen.3- Update 2

This update starts with a tragedy. 😥

06-08-15_4-31 PM-3

Megan even pleaded for Romeo but the Grim Reaper ignored her pleas.

06-08-15_4-32 PM-2

06-08-15_4-32 PM

And just like that Romeo was gone 😦

06-08-15_4-33 PM-3

He’s buried near Louisa and Tobias.

06-08-15_4-34 PM

Everybody was really effected by Romeo’s passing.

06-08-15_4-35 PM

06-08-15_4-39 PM

06-08-15_4-36 PM

It even effected Jasper work performance.

06-08-15_4-41 PM

But he kept working.

06-08-15_4-42 PM-2

06-08-15_4-45 PM

He invited Melisa over after work.

06-08-15_4-52 PM

06-08-15_4-53 PM

As soon as she turned up Megan got an invite to Spencer’s party, so the whole family and Melisa tagged along.

06-08-15_4-56 PM

However, the party stayed outside since I realised that Spencer and Rosie kinda lacked some necessities…

06-08-15_4-55 PM

Jasper couldn’t really progress romantically with Melisa because he was too sad. But they still got along and she got to meet most of his family.

06-08-15_5-04 PM-3

06-08-15_4-58 PM

06-08-15_4-56 PM-2

When Jasper finally wasn’t feeling so sad he invited Melisa over again and they headed out to the beach across the road.

06-08-15_5-14 PM

And things started progressing in the right direction.

06-08-15_5-14 PM-3

They had their first kiss.

06-08-15_5-16 PM

And then they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

06-08-15_5-17 PM-5

And of course, took a selfie.

06-08-15_5-17 PM-2

But that wasn’t enough and Jasper got down on one knee and asked Melisa to marry him.

06-08-15_5-19 PM

06-08-15_5-19 PM-3

And she said yes.

06-08-15_5-19 PM-5

06-08-15_5-21 PM

Since it was already Sunday afternoon and Jasper works Monday to Friday the wedding was held that evening in the same place Megan and Romeo got married.

The beautiful bride.

06-08-15_5-27 PM

The ceremony.

06-08-15_5-23 PM-4

06-08-15_5-23 PM-3

06-08-15_5-25 PM-5

06-08-15_5-26 PM

The reception.

06-08-15_5-29 PM

With a lot of familiar faces.

06-08-15_5-29 PM-2

06-08-15_5-29 PM-3

06-08-15_5-29 PM-4

The bride and groom sneaked round the back to make out.

06-08-15_5-32 PM-2

But they returned for some dancing.

06-08-15_5-33 PM

06-08-15_5-33 PM-2

But there was no honeymoon for this couple and the next day Jasper was back at work as usual.

06-08-15_5-39 PM

But things were soon going to change since the toilet threw confetti.

06-08-15_6-40 PM

06-08-15_6-40 PM-2

06-08-15_6-41 PM

06-08-15_6-41 PM-4

Jasper seemed pretty happy about it.

06-08-15_6-41 PM-5

Melisa already had a tiny bump.

06-08-15_6-41 PM-6

Jasper and Melisa’s wedding picture went up on the wall.

06-08-15_5-52 PM

So there was a little rearrangement.

06-08-15_5-52 PM-2

Gracie and Melisa don’t seem to like each other.

06-08-15_6-48 PM-2

06-08-15_6-49 PM-2

Melisa joined the writing career and started to write children’s books.

06-08-15_6-49 PM-3

Jasper kept on working hard at his inventions.

06-08-15_7-07 PM-2

06-08-15_7-07 PM-3

And the baby kept growing.

06-08-15_7-15 PM

And since Megan’s in the medial career she could tell us it’s going to be a baby girl. 🙂

06-08-15_7-16 PM

And that’s it for this update 🙂

Gen.3- Update 1

Jasper won the vote so he is the next heir. 🙂

06-08-15_11-15 AM

His picture has been added to the wall.

06-08-15_11-53 AM

I redecorated Gracie’s room since she grew up into a teenager in the last update.

06-08-15_11-48 AM

06-08-15_11-48 AM-2

Rosie had her birthday and grew up into a young adult. Spencer and Rosie then both moved out into a house together.

06-08-15_11-21 AM

06-08-15_11-24 AM

Romeo grew into an elder and I completely missed his birthday.

06-08-15_11-49 AM-3

Jake set fire to the barbecue…

06-08-15_11-58 AM

06-08-15_11-59 AM

Which was shortly followed by Caleb doing the same just after they paid to replace it…

06-08-15_1-21 PM

06-08-15_1-21 PM-2

At least Jasper stuck to making oatmeal in the microwave.

06-08-15_1-22 PM-2

06-08-15_1-22 PM-3

The bills are taking the money about as fast as they make it 😦

06-08-15_12-03 PM

I turned Spencer’s old room into a gym.

06-08-15_12-08 PM

I was hoping to be able to help Romeo get fully promoted but now he’s too old to work out as much as he needs to and he needs the fitness skill so he seems to be stuck at level 6.

06-08-15_12-14 PM

06-08-15_1-36 PM

Megan seems to be gaining weight now that she’s an adult, I noticed that the same thing happened to Louisa. So she started to work out to try and keep herself in shape.

06-08-15_1-36 PM-2

06-08-15_1-37 PM

Jasper started working out too, well, I say he worked out, it seemed more like he just worked his mouth.

06-08-15_1-37 PM-3

It appears Romeo has the ability to put his arm through solid objects as he fixes the fridge…

06-08-15_1-38 PM

Jake had his birthday and grew into a young adult. He then moved out into his own house.

06-08-15_1-24 PM

06-08-15_1-25 PM

Jasper took a turn on a barbecue and I waited for the fire to start…

06-08-15_2-04 PM

But unlike his brothers he was successful.

06-08-15_2-04 PM-2

A little while later Jasper and Caleb both had their birthdays.

06-08-15_2-08 PM

06-08-15_2-08 PM-3

Jasper got a job in the scientist career track (the first time I’ve ever done this career :D) and he needed to have two breakthroughs for a promotion. Which he could do by reading and he was successful in having one.

06-08-15_2-35 PM

Pondering on the chess board also proved successful.

06-08-15_2-38 PM

The next morning Jasper headed off for his first day at work. I think he quite liked the lab coat 😛

06-08-15_2-39 PM

06-08-15_2-39 PM-2

The first thing he did was harvest some fruit to make synthetic food.

06-08-15_2-42 PM-2

06-08-15_2-41 PM-2

He then had to give it to someone else to try or try it himself. I decided to let him try it himself.

06-08-15_2-43 PM

06-08-15_2-44 PM

Which it seemed like it went well…

06-08-15_2-44 PM-2

And then it didn’t seem so ok…

06-08-15_2-44 PM-3

He continued on with work and completed his first invention.

06-08-15_2-45 PM 06-08-15_2-45 PM-2

06-08-15_2-46 PM 06-08-15_2-46 PM-4

I think he’s made a new friend 😛

06-08-15_2-46 PM-2

Side effects of that synthetic food kicked in, turns out it had made him hungrier, so off to the staff room he went for some real food…

06-08-15_2-46 PM-3

Well if you can call it that.

06-08-15_2-49 PM-2

Before he left he met Jasmine who’s expression seemed to say ‘I don’t really want to talk to you.’

06-08-15_2-51 PM

He got a promotion but seemed sad when he finished work.

06-08-15_2-53 PM

He even did a ‘sad’ dance that I’d never seen before.

06-08-15_2-53 PM-3

I redecorated Tobias and Louisa’s old room for Jasper.

06-08-15_3-11 PM

06-08-15_3-11 PM-2

Breakfast with his parents.

06-08-15_3-12 PM-2

Bills again :/

06-08-15_3-14 PM

At least we got a happy dance before work.

06-08-15_3-14 PM-2

Work today was interesting. He made his second invention, a sim-ray.

06-08-15_3-18 PM-3

And it turns out you can freeze other sims with it and poor Jasmine was the guinea pig.

06-08-15_3-19 PM 06-08-15_3-19 PM-2

06-08-15_3-20 PM 06-08-15_3-20 PM-2

06-08-15_3-20 PM-3 06-08-15_3-20 PM-5

Jasper seemed quite pleased with himself. Though the other scientist looked a little worried.

06-08-15_3-22 PM

But Jasper seemed to still get on well with his co-workers.

06-08-15_3-23 PM-2

Even Jasmine, when she defrosted.

06-08-15_3-25 PM

Got the notification that Romeo is nearly at deaths door 😦

06-08-15_3-27 PM

Jasper continued working and got another promotion.

06-08-15_4-04 PM 06-08-15_4-02 PM

Though he didn’t look happy with this promotion either…

06-08-15_4-05 PM

Another day at work Jasper upgraded the sim ray.

06-08-15_4-10 PM

And now he can transform objects. So he tried it on a chair and it turned into a cool box.

06-08-15_4-11 PM-2

06-08-15_4-11 PM-3

Eventually I decided to send Jasper out to find a wife. He started at blue velvet but I could only seem to find guys.

06-08-15_4-17 PM-3

06-08-15_4-17 PM-4

So he headed to the park which was pretty empty to begin with.

06-08-15_4-19 PM

But people soon turned up.

06-08-15_4-19 PM-2

The first woman that showed up was his aunt Aubrey, who is now an elder.

06-08-15_4-19 PM-3

So he spent some time talking to her.

06-08-15_4-24 PM

There was some crazy artists wandering around the park, they all seemed angry.

06-08-15_4-21 PM

06-08-15_4-22 PM

Then I noticed two of them sleeping.

06-08-15_4-25 PM

And that’s when I noticed that one of them was Spencer, he’s made some erm unusual friends since moving out.

06-08-15_4-25 PM-2

Eventually, Jasper got talking to Melisa (she’s one of the legacyloves I added off the gallery). They seemed to get on okay.

06-08-15_4-26 PM-3

06-08-15_4-27 PM

And even though Jasper broke out in blotches mid conversation she still hugged him goodbye.

06-08-15_4-27 PM-2

06-08-15_4-27 PM-3

He took some medicine as soon as he got home.

06-08-15_4-30 PM

06-08-15_4-30 PM-4

And that’s it for this update 🙂

Gen.2- Update 5 AND heir vote

So I discovered I can now buy a chocolate fountain 🙂

06-05-15_5-11 PM-2

Don’t know what Gracie was getting up to…

06-06-15_11-02 AM

And they can having chocolate coated strawberries 😀

06-05-15_5-11 PM-4

06-06-15_11-02 AM-2

I really try to get all the family together at meals times but I’m yet to get them all sat at the table at the same time.

06-06-15_12-21 PM

Now that Megan is finished having babies she can really focus on her job since she’s not running to the toilet half the time.

06-06-15_11-23 AM

One of her patients aged up half way through an x-ray.

06-06-15_11-24 AM

All her hard work paid off and she was promoted to medical specialist. To reach the level of surgeon she has to deliver a baby.

Oddly her next day of work she needed to deliver food to patients and make beds which she has not done since the early levels of her job. I felt like we’d gone a little backwards.

06-06-15_12-23 PM-2

06-06-15_12-28 PM

But she still had to do her usual stuff.

06-06-15_12-23 PM

And she got an emergency.

06-06-15_12-24 PM

Somebody came into the hospital and collapsed. And Megan appeared to tell him to get back up on his feet.

06-06-15_12-25 PM-2

And make him walk to surgery…

06-06-15_12-25 PM-3

But at least she cured him.

06-06-15_12-25 PM-4

When Megan arrived home that night Romeo greeted her with a kiss.

06-06-15_12-31 PM

The following day the fridge broke…

06-06-15_12-34 PM-2

Immediately followed by the oven…

06-06-15_12-35 PM

And that was immediately followed by the sink…

06-06-15_12-35 PM-2

But we still managed to make cake and celebrate some birthdays.

I grew Megan up into an adult. I think there was a glitch with her ageing. Megan and Romeo used to be around the same age but I noticed that Romeo was half through adulthood and Megan was still a young adult. Which seemed weird to me considering she’s had five pregnancies and I’ve been ageing everyone properly.

06-06-15_12-37 PM-2

Jake blew out his candles straight afterwards, I may have recycled the cake 😀

06-06-15_12-38 PM-2

Jake grew up into a teenager with the self-assured trait and computer whiz aspiration.

06-06-15_12-48 PM-2

I redecorated his bedroom.

06-06-15_12-52 PM

06-06-15_12-52 PM-2

Romeo got this as reward from work at some point. I think it’s kinda cool.

06-06-15_11-17 AM

I feel like this house is falling apart…

06-06-15_11-05 AM

06-06-15_11-06 AM-2

06-06-15_11-07 AM

06-06-15_12-17 PM-2

We even have a trash plant outside.

06-06-15_11-12 AM

Aww Spencer dancing with his mum…

06-06-15_11-07 AM-3

Megan got a nice relaxing day off work with Romeo at work and all the kids at school.

06-06-15_11-04 AM

Rosie decided to make burgers at 6am.

06-06-15_1-22 PM

Such a healthy breakfast :/

06-06-15_1-22 PM-2

Eloise turned up at the hospital but so did a pregnant woman at the same time, so Eloise would have to wait.

06-06-15_1-26 PM

06-06-15_1-26 PM-3

06-06-15_1-27 PM-3

06-06-15_1-27 PM-5

And then baby and the nurse just disappeared faster than I could take a photo.

06-06-15_1-27 PM-6

But the new mother got up smiling and left, never having actually seen her baby…

06-06-15_1-28 PM

Anyway, Megan moved onto treating Eloise.

06-06-15_1-29 PM

06-06-15_1-30 PM

06-06-15_1-30 PM-2

06-06-15_1-31 PM-2

06-06-15_1-32 PM

Megan eventually diagnosed her with bloaty head, gave her an injection and sent her home.

06-06-15_1-32 PM-3

06-06-15_1-33 PM

When Megan finished work she was promoted to surgeon, so she only has one promotion to go until she reaches the top.

06-06-15_11-28 AM-2

The twins had their birthday.

06-06-15_1-58 PM-3

Caleb grew up with the self-assured trait and friend of the world aspiration.

06-06-15_2-13 PM-2

And Jasper also grew up with the self-assured trait (I randomly generated it for both of them) and the nerd brain aspiration.

06-06-15_2-13 PM

I redecorated their room.

06-06-15_2-20 PM

Caught Tobias breaking the bath… I had no idea they could do that, it might explain a few things. He’s clearly not as helpful as Louisa.

06-06-15_1-36 PM

He gave Caleb a hug.

06-06-15_2-30 PM-2

Drank milk and then disappeared.

06-06-15_2-30 PM-3

Romeo got promoted to astronaut meaning he is now level 6 in his career.

06-06-15_2-29 PM

Megan’s next emergency at work was Lacey.

06-06-15_2-59 PM

Again Megan made her walk to surgery too.

06-06-15_2-59 PM-3

Lacey looked a bit too happy about surgery to me.

06-06-15_2-59 PM-4

06-06-15_2-59 PM-5

Lacey went home happy and healthy. Megan has now treated all three of her sisters in the hospital.

06-06-15_2-59 PM-6

Spencer seemed a bit freaked out in the bathroom.

06-06-15_3-10 PM

But I also discovered he leaves the door open…

06-06-15_3-11 PM

After a few days at work and having to treat five people Megan got promoted to chief of staff, the top of the medical career.

06-06-15_3-07 PM

And Spencer grew up into a young adult with the insane trait. (I missed his birthday)

06-06-15_3-07 PM-2

This was shortly followed by Gracie’s birthday.

06-06-15_3-13 PM-3

Gracie grew up with the bookworm trait and mansion baron aspiration.

06-06-15_3-24 PM

So now it is time for the HEIR VOTE 🙂

The candidates are:


06-06-15_3-37 PM


06-06-15_3-38 PM-2


06-06-15_3-38 PM-4


06-06-15_3-39 PM


06-06-15_3-39 PM-2

And Gracie.

06-06-15_3-40 PM-2

The heir vote is now closed and Jasper won.

And that’s it for this update 🙂

Gen.2- Update 4

Tobias hasn’t been coping so well with the loss of Louisa. I don’t blame him. I miss her too 😦

04-16-15_1-41 PM

He spends a lot of time helping out with the twins.

04-16-15_1-53 PM

Megan is as busy as ever with work. She is now a general practionar which is level 7 of the medical career and she has started doing surgeries.

04-16-15_1-51 PM-2

Which I think she needs a little more practice…

04-16-15_1-51 PM-3

The bills are sooooo expensive, there about £10,000 a time now.

04-16-15_1-52 PM

The twins birthday was here in no time and they both grew up into children.

Caleb grew up with the squeamish trait and artistic aspiration.

06-05-15_2-58 PM-2

Jasper grew up with the creative trait and rambunctious aspiration.

06-05-15_2-58 PM

Their bedroom.

04-16-15_3-25 PM

04-16-15_3-26 PM

The picture wall got an update.

04-16-15_2-49 PM

You’d think they didn’t own a stove.

04-16-15_3-29 PM-2

Why Romeo why? No wonder it never feels like this house is clean.

04-16-15_3-29 PM-3

Tobias time came 😦

04-16-15_3-38 PM

04-16-15_3-38 PM-2

04-16-15_3-38 PM-4

Jake was the first to start crying, again Megan seemed oblivious to her father dying…

04-16-15_3-38 PM-7

The founder has passed away 😥 he’s buried outside next to Louisa.

04-16-15_3-40 PM

After Tobias’ passing there was more toilet confetti.

04-16-15_4-07 PM

And then Romeo set fire to himself and the barbecue (seemed to have lost the pictures of the fire…)

04-16-15_4-07 PM-2

Spencer’s actual had a party for his birthday. He grew up into a teenager with the genius trait and the curator aspiration.

04-16-15_4-18 PM

04-16-15_4-27 PM

04-16-15_4-31 PM

I redecorated his bedroom.

04-16-15_4-49 PM

Look who made an appearance…Louisa.

06-04-15_2-10 PM

She even cooked some food. I had no idea ghost would do stuff like that. My sims were actually really hungry too 😀

06-04-15_2-11 PM-2

06-04-15_2-11 PM-3

It’d been nice if she’d cleaned too…

06-04-15_2-11 PM-4

And there was only enough food for half the family… Rosie ran off with the last pancake.

06-04-15_2-12 PM

Megan did surgery and a home visit at work. She stayed late like she does most days.

06-04-15_2-16 PM 06-04-15_2-17 PM-2

06-04-15_2-17 PM-3 06-04-15_2-18 PM

Though when she got home the house was still a mess, despite the kids being home all day because it was Sunday.

06-04-15_2-25 PM-2

Though Romeo did start working on the bathroom.

06-04-15_2-25 PM

The next day Megan got to work on the kitchen.

06-04-15_2-28 PM

And eventually she got to sit down and eat in an almost tidy kitchen.

06-04-15_2-28 PM-2

Just as she was finishing cleaning she pee’d herself.

06-04-15_2-29 PM

And then a few hours later she pee’d herself again making Rosie’s birthday again.

06-04-15_2-34 PM

And then she walked in on one of her sons on the toilet, leaving her mortified, and me scared she was gonna die :/

06-04-15_2-34 PM-2

So I had her talk to herself in the mirror until she felt better.

06-04-15_2-34 PM-3

After Megan was sorted Rosie blew out her candles.

06-04-15_2-35 PM-2

She grew up into a teenager with the hot-headed trait and the successful lineage aspiration.

06-05-15_2-57 PM-2

I redecorated her bedroom.

06-04-15_3-25 PM

06-04-15_3-25 PM-2

Later that night Megan went into labour.

06-04-15_3-29 PM

So they headed to the hospital again.

06-04-15_3-30 PM

Romeo actually stayed with Megan while she checked in.

06-04-15_3-31 PM

And then he ran off again…

06-04-15_3-31 PM-4

And Megan went to the delivery suite alone.

06-04-15_3-32 PM

And this time we got a new doctor to deliver the baby.

06-04-15_3-32 PM-2

Romeo did join them this time and you’d really think by the sixth he’d be calmer.

06-04-15_3-34 PM

06-04-15_3-34 PM-2

And a beautiful little girl was born. Gracie Stanton.

06-04-15_3-34 PM-3

06-04-15_3-34 PM-5

06-04-15_3-35 PM-3

I arrived home to find Spencer cuddling Gracie, complete opposite reaction to when he got his first sister Rosie.

06-04-15_3-36 PM-3

Gracie is officially the last baby Romeo and Megan will have. A few hours later Megan’s back at the hospital for work.

06-04-15_3-38 PM

And after work she’s even started working out.

06-04-15_3-45 PM-2

A little while later Gracie grew up into a child with the goofball and rambunctious aspiration.

06-05-15_2-57 PM-3

And this is her bedroom.

06-04-15_3-57 PM

And the picture wall has been updated again.

06-05-15_3-09 PM

That’s it for this update 🙂

Gen.2- Update 3

Romeo probably took the news of the pregnancy about as well as Spencer will…

04-13-15_4-16 PM - Copy

More throwing up at work for Megan.

04-13-15_4-19 PM - Copy

And then straight back to work.

04-13-15_4-23 PM - Copy 04-13-15_4-25 PM - Copy04-13-15_4-23 PM-2 - Copy 04-13-15_4-24 PM - Copy

Louisa is now fully promoted.

04-13-15_4-27 PM-2 - Copy

And received this bed as a reward.

04-13-15_4-27 PM-3 - Copy

And then she retired.

04-13-15_4-28 PM

The house got another upgrade and finally got a second floor.

04-13-15_5-16 PM-2

04-13-15_5-16 PM

I got rid of the art studio and moved Louisa’s and Tobias’ painting gear into their room.

04-13-15_5-17 PM

Getting rid of the art studio made the hall way bigger and meant there was patio doors straight outside into the back garden.

04-13-15_5-17 PM-2

And demolishing the nursery meant there was room for a staircase.

04-13-15_5-17 PM-3

Upstairs there is Spencer’s room.

04-13-15_5-18 PM-2

And Rosie’s room ready for when she becomes a child.

04-13-15_5-18 PM

And each child has their own bathroom, they’ve been done the same so here is a picture of one of them.

04-13-15_5-18 PM-3

The bump is getting bigger.

04-13-15_5-23 PM

And Rosie grew into a child with the outgoing trait and whiz kid aspiration.

04-13-15_5-28 PM-3

So a new picture got added to the wall.

04-13-15_5-30 PM

Mother and daughter.

04-13-15_5-29 PM

Rosie with her Grandma Louisa.

04-13-15_5-31 PM-2

Lacey finally came for a visit. I think the wedding was the last time I saw her.

04-13-15_5-32 PM-2

Lacey and Rosie seem to really hit it off.

04-13-15_5-33 PM-2

The bump is getting really big now.

04-13-15_5-39 PM

More work pictures.

04-13-15_5-40 PM

04-13-15_5-43 PM

Though maybe she should start taking it easy…

04-13-15_5-48 PM-2

Spencer seems to like Rosie now, hopefully he’s got past that jealous phase and won’t get angry at the new baby.

04-13-15_5-49 PM

Megan went into labour just as Romeo was getting into bed.

04-13-15_5-51 PM

You’d think by the third time he’d be a little less freaked out.

04-13-15_5-51 PM-2

And he would have learnt not abandon Megan for food…

04-13-15_5-52 PM-2

So for the third time Megan checks herself in alone.

04-13-15_5-52 PM

She seems pretty used to this machine now and the doctor doesn’t seem as worried.

04-13-15_5-52 PM-3

04-13-15_5-53 PM

And another beautiful baby boy is born. Jake Stanton.

04-13-15_5-54 PM

And then Romeo finally shows up… acting like he was there the whole time.

04-13-15_5-54 PM-2

Don’t know who this random guy is…

04-13-15_5-55 PM-2

The grandparents are happy.

04-14-15_1-28 PM-2

04-14-15_1-33 PM

But in to time at all there is more toilet confetti…

04-14-15_1-39 PM-2

Which really doesn’t thrill Romeo.

04-14-15_1-39 PM-4

Tobias and Louisa having a romantic moment.

04-14-15_1-41 PM

Megan and Rosie playing.

04-14-15_1-42 PM

Eloise came over for her second visit.

04-14-15_1-49 PM

At least this time she doesn’t make a baby cry, though that might be because she didn’t go near Jake.

04-14-15_1-50 PM

Megan probably throws up more than any of the sick people in the hospital…

04-14-15_1-59 PM

Look who our patient is today, Aubrey.

04-14-15_1-59 PM-2

04-14-15_2-00 PM-2

04-14-15_2-01 PM

04-14-15_2-01 PM-3

04-14-15_2-02 PM

Nothing like forcing your sister to run on a treadmill.

04-14-15_2-02 PM-2

04-14-15_2-03 PM

And after an injection Aubrey is all better and ready to go home.

04-14-15_2-04 PM

04-14-15_2-04 PM-3

04-14-15_2-04 PM-4

Back at home Spencer appears to like Jake.

04-14-15_2-08 PM

Burgers for dinner, which is literally all this family ever eats.

04-14-15_2-14 PM

Though, there is some attempt, however tiny, at eating other food.

04-14-15_2-14 PM-2

Jake grew into a child. He got the neat trait and whiz kid aspiration.

04-14-15_2-38 PM-2

His bedroom.

04-14-15_2-38 PM

I’ve began to notice that Romeo barely wears clothes besides underwear and swim trunks.

04-14-15_2-21 PM

04-14-15_2-15 PM-2

04-14-15_2-27 PM

Anyway, moving on, Megan’s bump is getting bigger.

04-14-15_2-23 PM

I think Jake is the most like Tobias.

04-14-15_3-26 PM-2

And then something horrible happened.

04-14-15_3-26 PM-3

04-14-15_3-27 PM-2

04-14-15_3-27 PM-3

04-14-15_3-27 PM-4

04-14-15_3-27 PM-5

Megan came in and got a drink and seemed oblivious to the whole thing, or maybe she was just in denial… I refuse to believe she is that heartless.

04-14-15_3-28 PM-2

Jake, on the other hand, wasn’t taking it so well.

04-14-15_3-28 PM-3

Tobias walked in.

04-14-15_3-28 PM-4

I expected him to break down but this was the most emotion I got out of him…

04-14-15_3-29 PM

Spencer joined Jake.

04-14-15_3-29 PM-2

04-14-15_3-29 PM-3

And just like that Louisa was gone 😥

04-14-15_3-30 PM

I built a small graveyard out back.

04-14-15_3-31 PM

I really expected Tobias to go first.

All the kids together.

04-14-15_3-33 PM

Rosie not too well, and since they still don’t own a computer the only medicine we have is orange juice and rest, despite the fact Megan is in the medical career…

04-14-15_3-33 PM-3

Jake really misses Louisa.

04-14-15_3-35 PM

Today work was a little different.

04-14-15_3-37 PM-2

Megan had her first house call.

04-14-15_3-41 PM-2

04-14-15_3-42 PM 04-14-15_3-42 PM-2

04-14-15_3-43 PM 04-14-15_3-43 PM-4

Then it was back to the hospital.

04-14-15_3-46 PM-3

But when Megan finished worked today she wasn’t doing too well…

04-14-15_4-05 PM

She went into labour at work and instead of logically having the baby at the hospital she came home and had no time to go back so the baby was born at home. Her first home birth.

04-14-15_4-06 PM

04-14-15_4-08 PM

But she didn’t have just one baby, she had TWINS.

04-14-15_4-09 PM

They’re both boys and their names are Caleb and Jasper.

And that’s it for this update 🙂

Gen.2- Update 2

The bump is growing and Romeo seems to be looking forward to it.

04-09-15_9-45 PM-4 - Copy

04-09-15_9-46 PM - Copy

Though poor Megan had to take regular trips to the toilet at work to be sick, but it never stopped her from working, even into the last stages when her back was aching.

04-09-15_9-23 PM - Copy

04-09-15_9-50 PM-2 - Copy

04-09-15_9-55 PM - Copy

She finally took maternity leave when she went into labour as she was getting ready for work.

04-09-15_10-05 PM - Copy

04-09-15_10-05 PM-2 - Copy

But of course she still had to go to work since she was having the baby in the hospital. My first ever sims hospital birth. Romeo freaked but Megan seemed pretty chilled out.

04-09-15_10-06 PM - Copy

But then Romeo did a runner and decided he’d get himself something to eat.

04-09-15_10-07 PM - Copy

Though he still seemed a tad freaked out or scary, not really sure…

04-09-15_10-07 PM-2 - Copy

04-09-15_10-07 PM-4 - Copy

Meanwhile, poor Megan checked herself in.

04-09-15_10-07 PM-5 - Copy

She was then taken down to the delivery suite.

04-09-15_10-08 PM - Copy

And strapped into this strange contraption…

04-09-15_10-08 PM-2 - Copy

04-09-15_10-08 PM-3 - Copy

Romeo, eventually, strolled into the room food in hand.

04-09-15_10-09 PM - Copy

And the Doctor got to work, which wasn’t too comforting when the machine started to fight itself.

04-09-15_10-09 PM-3 - Copy

And the Doctor didn’t look too confident either.

04-09-15_10-09 PM-4 - Copy

Pretty sure that is supposed to be inside Megan….

04-09-15_10-10 PM - Copy

Caught Romeo running out of the room just before the baby was delivered, I made him return…

04-09-15_10-10 PM-2 - Copy

And the first baby of generation three was safely delivered.

04-09-15_10-11 PM - Copy

A bouncing baby boy. Spencer Stanton.

04-09-15_10-11 PM-2 - Copy

04-09-15_10-12 PM-3 - Copy

I think Louisa was more than ready for some grandchildren since she was already holding Spencer when I arrived back at the house.

04-09-15_10-13 PM-2 - Copy

I felt with the addition it was time to do some work on the house again.

04-13-15_1-54 PM - Copy

04-13-15_1-54 PM-4 - Copy

Where the living room used to be I put a dinning area.

04-13-15_1-54 PM-5 - Copy

What used to be Tobias and Louisa’s room I turned into the new living room.

04-13-15_1-55 PM-3 - Copy

04-13-15_1-55 PM-4 - Copy

04-13-15_1-55 PM-5 - Copy

The hallway.

04-13-15_1-55 PM-2 - Copy

Aubrey’s old room got extended and turned into Tobias and Louisa’s new room.

04-13-15_1-55 PM-6 - Copy

Their art studio.

04-13-15_1-56 PM - Copy

The nursery which is Megan’s old room.

04-13-15_1-56 PM-2 - Copy

Megan and Romeo’s room which used to be the twins room.

04-13-15_1-56 PM-3 - Copy

Their ensuite.

04-13-15_1-56 PM-5 - Copy

04-13-15_1-57 PM - Copy

Added a pool to the back-garden.

04-13-15_1-57 PM-2 - Copy

04-13-15_1-57 PM-3 - Copy

And did the patio.

04-13-15_1-57 PM-4 - Copy

The family loved the new pool.

04-13-15_2-03 PM - Copy

And the barbecue, they cook more on that than in the kitchen.

04-13-15_2-07 PM - Copy

More toilet confetti, baby number two is on the way.

04-13-15_2-22 PM - Copy

She talked Romeo round to the idea.

04-13-15_2-22 PM-2 - Copy

04-13-15_2-22 PM-3 - Copy

Got a surprise visit from Aubrey.

04-13-15_2-32 PM - Copy

And then Eloise.

04-13-15_2-33 PM-2

Who didn’t seem to get along with Romeo.

04-13-15_2-34 PM

Or Spencer…

04-13-15_2-35 PM

04-13-15_2-35 PM-2

04-13-15_2-35 PM-3

Before long Megan’s bump was growing.

04-13-15_2-39 PM

And Spencer grew up into a child with the Loner trait and rambunctious aspiration.

04-13-15_2-56 PM-2

I put his bed into the nursery for now.

04-13-15_2-56 PM

Father son bonding time.

04-13-15_2-59 PM

Spencer even does his chores with a smile.

04-13-15_2-59 PM-2

Tobias struggles to get through the day without a nap. He could die any day now 😦 he’s a ticking time bomb.

04-13-15_3-00 PM-2

Burgers for breakfast?

04-13-15_3-01 PM-2

They are obsessed with the barbecue.

04-13-15_3-09 PM

Just like her first pregnancy Megan continued with work.

04-13-15_3-11 PM

Even though she spent most of her time on the toilet. She still managed to get herself promoted though.

04-13-15_3-12 PM

Spencer pending time with Tobias and Louisa.

04-13-15_3-16 PM-2

Added another picture to the wall.

04-13-15_3-21 PM

And it’s go time for baby number two. Again Megan’s totally calm while Romeo is well… not.

04-13-15_3-26 PM-2

Megan checks herself in.

04-13-15_3-26 PM-4

While Romeo runs off to make himself a cup of coffee.

04-13-15_3-27 PM-3

At least he gets to the delivery suite in time.

04-13-15_3-28 PM-2

Baby number two is a beautiful little girl. Rosie Stanton.

04-13-15_3-29 PM

Tobias picks Rosie up as soon as she arrives home. And Spencer doesn’t seem too happy to have a sibling.

04-13-15_3-30 PM

04-13-15_3-30 PM-2

Tried to get a nice picture of the family but nope, Spencer is not going to stop scowling about his unwanted sibling.

04-13-15_3-32 PM-2

Spencer then stormed off.

04-13-15_3-45 PM-2

Poor tired Romeo, who drank coffee and watched, dragged himself to bed.

04-13-15_3-45 PM

Spencer is going to have to get over having a sibling because it looks like there is another on the way.

04-13-15_4-15 PM-2

That’s it for this update 🙂

Gen.2- Update 1

After the heir vote which ended in a tie between Eloise and Megan, which were my two favorites which made it even harder to make the final decision, I have decided to continue with Megan. Since I’ve now got the expansion get to work I wanted to try out one the new careers and Eloise wanted to go into the criminal career whereas Megan wants to be wealthy, so I figured I had a higher chance of completing her aspiration. But I probably won’t… oh well, at least I’m trying.

Megan Stanton, the heir to the legacy.

03-26-15_9-40 PM-2

Aubrey worked off her annoyance at not being heir.

04-01-15_8-37 PM

These all broke at once… much to my annoyance.

04-01-15_8-38 PM

04-01-15_9-24 PM

04-01-15_9-28 PM

Things break too easily in this game.

I did more to the house.

The master bedroom.

04-01-15_9-10 PM

04-01-15_9-10 PM-2

The twin’s bedroom.

04-01-15_9-23 PM-2

Megan’s bedroom.

04-01-15_9-23 PM

And the bathrooms.

04-01-15_9-09 PM-3

04-01-15_9-53 PM

Aubrey grew into a young adult, which was another birthday I completely missed.

04-01-15_10-10 PM-2

I got her a job in the culinary career, which means she can do all the cooking, well until she moves out at least.

04-01-15_10-16 PM

Megan got to work building her logic skill.

04-01-15_10-19 PM

I decided to take Aubrey out husband hunting, I know she’s not the heir but that doesn’t mean she can’t find love. She was also the only one not at work or school and I was bored…

04-09-15_9-35 AM

It didn’t go very well to start with considering she picked some rubbish up from near the bin…

04-09-15_9-36 AM

Then ran off with it…

04-09-15_9-36 AM-2

Only to throw it on the floor and then complain about it being there…

04-09-15_9-37 AM

Eventually she did start talking to people and she met Jarvis.

04-09-15_9-37 AM-2

They hit it off rather well.

04-09-15_9-38 AM

But Aubrey had to go to work so we’ll have to pick that back up later.

Tobias and Megan having some nice father daughter/founder heir bonding time.

04-09-15_9-41 AM-2

Also modified the front of the house slightly.

04-09-15_9-45 AM

The next day Aubrey invited Jarvis over and things continued from the other day pretty well.

04-09-15_9-48 AM

Until she tried to flirt, every attempt was shot down and the conversation became very awkward. So at this point I decided I couldn’t be bothered helping Aubrey, Lacey and Eloise find husbands.

04-09-15_9-50 AM

Missed two more birthdays :/

Lacey and Eloise became young adults.

04-09-15_9-56 AM-2

04-09-15_9-56 AM

Decorated some of the house with Tobias and Louisa’s paintings.

04-09-15_9-58 AM

The art studio got an upgrade.

04-09-15_10-00 AM

I moved Aubrey, Lacey and Eloise out into a house together just after Megan became a young adult, which I also missed. She got the neat trait as her final trait.

04-09-15_10-44 AM

And thanks to the get to work expansion I was able to take photos of the family and put them on the wall.

04-09-15_10-47 AM-2

Going to have a wall in the house with a picture of the founder and each heir.

04-09-15_10-47 AM-3

Now that Megan is a young adult it was time to go husband hunting at the park, which she seemed very excited about.

04-09-15_11-00 AM

At first it didn’t look hopeful considering there were only two women in the park.

04-09-15_11-00 AM-2

Until this fine fellow joined her in a chess game.

04-09-15_11-01 AM

Romeo Quinn. I downloaded a few different LegacyLoves guys and this was the first one she bumped into.

04-09-15_11-01 AM-3

Random strangers do love to join in conversations…

04-09-15_11-01 AM-5

So I sent them off to cloud-gaze without the gardener.

04-09-15_11-02 AM

No romance yet but they hit it off really well and became fast friends.

The following day was Megan’s first day at work as a Medical Intern at the hospital.

04-09-15_11-08 AM

04-09-15_11-08 AM-2

She headed into reception to start her first day.

04-09-15_11-08 AM-3

And was rudely greeted by a doctor, which made poor Megan angry, fantastic.

04-09-15_11-10 AM-2

So she then spent her first hour at work calming herself down in the bathroom.

04-09-15_11-10 AM-4

She then researched something medical related on the computer.

04-09-15_11-11 AM

Made some beds.

04-09-15_11-12 AM-2

Washed her hands.

04-09-15_11-12 AM-3

Chatted to co-workers and patients.

04-09-15_11-12 AM-4

Drank soda.

04-09-15_11-13 AM-2

Distracted the busy receptionist.

04-09-15_11-14 AM

Drank coffee.

04-09-15_11-14 AM-4

And chatted some more.

04-09-15_11-23 AM

So after a rather uneventful day Megan headed home and invited Romeo over.

04-09-15_11-27 AM

They headed outside for some time away from Tobias who didn’t seem to take a hint and was very eager to join their conversation.

04-09-15_11-28 AM

Things started to get romantic pretty quickly.

04-09-15_11-29 AM-3

04-09-15_11-30 AM-2

She asked him to be her boyfriend. I found Romeo rather amusing at this point.

04-09-15_11-31 AM

Leg flick.

04-09-15_11-31 AM-4

04-09-15_11-31 AM-5

Since he said yes to that she decided to take it one step further and ask him to be her husband.

04-09-15_11-33 AM-2

Yes Romeo it’s real.

04-09-15_11-33 AM-3

04-09-15_11-33 AM-4

04-09-15_11-33 AM-5

I love this photo and I love Romeo and Megan.

04-09-15_11-32 AM

Her next day at work summed up in pictures. She received a promotion to Orderly at the end of the day.

04-09-15_11-39 AM-3 04-09-15_11-37 AM-2 04-09-15_11-38 AM-2 04-09-15_11-38 AM 04-09-15_11-39 AM 04-09-15_11-42 AM-2 04-09-15_11-41 AM 04-09-15_11-43 AM

That evening it was wedding time.

04-09-15_12-01 PM

04-09-15_12-01 PM-3

All the guest disappeared straight into the reception and more specifically the bar…

04-09-15_12-02 PM-2

They eventually came in to watch the ceremony.

04-09-15_12-02 PM-6

04-09-15_12-02 PM-4

04-09-15_12-04 PM

04-09-15_12-04 PM-3

04-09-15_12-04 PM-8

04-09-15_12-04 PM-9

And then even though they hired a caterer the poor bride had to bake her own cake.

04-09-15_12-06 PM

And only one tier because her cooking skill leaves much to be desired.

04-09-15_12-06 PM-3

Everyone got up on the dance floor.

04-09-15_12-08 PM-2

04-09-15_12-10 PM

Well except for Tobias who was napping in the corner.

04-09-15_12-10 PM-6

The wedding got a gold medal. Apparently you have to have a good wedding party for your guest to leave you gifts…

04-09-15_12-12 PM-2

Back at home I crammed a double bed into Megan’s room. I have some major renovation plans I want to carry out but I couldn’t be bothered at this point.

04-09-15_12-32 PM

The following day at work the toilet threw confetti at about the same time morning sickness hit.

04-09-15_12-34 PM-3

But she carried on with work.

04-09-15_12-35 PM 04-09-15_12-36 PM-2 04-09-15_12-38 PM 04-09-15_12-38 PM-2 04-09-15_12-39 PM 04-09-15_12-39 PM-2

Romeo and Megan got a wedding photo done. I love this photo thing.

04-09-15_12-51 PM

Megan shared the big news with Romeo when she got home. He didn’t seem too sure at first but he came around.

04-09-15_12-54 PM-4

04-09-15_12-54 PM-5

And that’s it for this update 🙂

(The wedding took place in a building I’ve uploaded to the gallery it’s called wedding hall, because I’m that creative 😉 haha)

Gen.1 – Update 3

After another promotion and plenty of painting, since there was no screaming babies to interfere, the house finally got an upgrade.

03-25-15_6-35 PM

Still a major work in progress but here is the front.

03-25-15_7-05 PM

The hallway.

03-25-15_7-08 PM-2


03-25-15_7-08 PM-3


03-25-15_7-08 PM-4

Master bedroom which also has an ensuite.

03-25-15_7-08 PM-5

One of the three bathrooms, since they’re pretty much broke I have not done much with the decorating and detail. That will all come later, when they have more money 😉

03-25-15_7-08 PM-6

Aubrey now has her own room with an ensuite.

03-25-15_7-09 PM

Megan’s room, not much different from Aubrey’s but like I said they’re poor, so I’ll spend more time on it when they have money.

03-25-15_7-09 PM-3

Twins room. I know I could have probably changed the colour scheme at least but oh well.

03-25-15_7-09 PM-4


03-25-15_7-09 PM-5

And finally Tobias and Louisa’s painting room/studio whatever you call it.

03-25-15_7-09 PM-2

The house from above.

03-25-15_7-05 PM-2

A nice family meal or it should be, except it looks like half the family are gonna break down in tears.

03-25-15_7-10 PM

Aubrey appeared to still be sad the next day due to low social.

03-25-15_7-20 PM

So who better to help her out than the sister who needs to maximize her social skill, as well as make a bunch of friends. I’m yet to make the slightest effort with that.

03-25-15_7-21 PM-2

Eventually Aubrey came down from the monkey bars for a hug happy.

03-25-15_7-22 PM-2

And then she grew up. It would seem I’d missed the birthday notifications.

03-25-15_7-23 PM

Aubrey as a teenager, don’t think I have a picture that shows it but she is ridiculously skinny. She rolled the squeamish trait and the master mixologist aspiration.

03-25-15_7-39 PM-3

Not long after Tobias grew up into an adult, also completely missed  that birthday. Luckily this family don’t seem too fussed. I have had other sims crying over forgotten birthdays.

03-26-15_10-47 PM

The kitchen got a little bit of a make over.

03-25-15_7-46 PM

The twins took up the violin in the hopes of completing their aspirations.

03-25-15_7-51 PM

Which didn’t happen since I ran out of time.

I found their blowing out the candle faces rather amusing.

03-25-15_8-06 PM-2

03-25-15_8-08 PM-2

Lacey. She rolled the bookworm trait and master chef aspiration.

03-25-15_8-26 PM-2

Eloise. She also rolled the bookworm trait, not that either girl has ever picked up a book in their lives. And she got the public enemy aspiration.

03-25-15_8-25 PM

I absolutely love the twins.

03-25-15_8-32 PM

I keep finding Louisa starring at half cooked food. I think she’s under the impression she can will it to cook itself… Seriously she’ll just randomly stop cooking and stand there starring at it until I tell her to continue.

03-25-15_8-06 PM

Megan decides that while the rest of the family are eating pasta she’d rather have cake.

03-26-15_8-14 PM

We’re moving up in the world.

03-26-15_8-51 PM

Another birthday notice I missed. This seems to be happening to me a lot lately. Louisa aged into an adult.

03-26-15_8-19 PM

Turns out we still don’t have a bin outside. Don’t really know how they’ve lasted this long.

03-26-15_8-21 PM

So what did we do? That’s right we bought the most expensive bin, because we have money to spare… I’m in constant dread of bill day.

03-26-15_8-21 PM-2

So Louisa decides to just stop cooking and eat cake… probably something I would do to be fair.

03-26-15_8-20 PM-2

Well with the girls all at school I figured it was time Tobias and Louisa finally went on a date, ya know since they’ve been married how long? And there green bar is actually pretty low, pink bar on the other hand is pretty much full.

Though I did send them to the museum since Tobias needed to view three paintings there for his aspiration. Two birds with one stone and all that.

03-26-15_8-22 PM

Though things didn’t start off that great…

03-26-15_8-23 PM

But things soon changed. Though that’s probably not helping the green bar…

03-26-15_8-24 PM-3

By the end of the date they were finally good friends. After I forced them to talk.

03-26-15_8-24 PM

I just thought this one was cute.

03-26-15_8-25 PM

The date got a silver medal and I got this rose as a reward that I used to spice up the kitchen a bit.

03-26-15_8-27 PM

Some homework is actually getting down around here. That’s rare.

03-26-15_8-28 PM

Time for another birthday and I actually noticed this one.

03-26-15_8-36 PM-2

Megan as a teen. She rolled the creative trait and fabulously wealthy aspiration.

03-26-15_8-48 PM

So it would seem the younger three chill on the sofa while poor Aubrey does all the work.

03-26-15_8-57 PM

Tobias and Louisa both got a promotion. Though neither of them seemed very happy about it.

03-26-15_8-58 PM

The fridge broke again so I decided it was time for a new one.

03-26-15_8-59 PM

A nice shiny one 🙂

03-26-15_9-00 PM

I then decided hey why not do all the kitchen, so this was the result. (The blinds are set as the same colour but they’re showing up differently.)

03-26-15_9-32 PM-2

This then led to me doing the lounge too.

03-26-15_9-32 PM-3

And Aubrey’s room, thought I’d start with her room since she’s the oldest.

03-26-15_9-32 PM

The dining table had to be put outside. Where the lounge is now I’m intending to turn it into a dining area.

03-26-15_9-32 PM-4

I absolutely love these girls. And I honestly can’t decide who I want as heir.

So to an heir vote it is. Yep I can’t believe how quickly I got to this point either.

03-25-15_7-39 PM-3  03-26-15_11-31 PM 03-26-15_11-29 PM 03-26-15_9-40 PM-2

The heir vote is now closed and the winner was Megan Stanton.

Gen.1- Update 2

The Stanton’s finally have a house 🙂

03-24-15_11-16 PM

Quick look at the inside. Still very basic but it’ll do for now.

03-24-15_11-17 PM

Seriously what is with Tobias’ work clothes?? 03-24-15_11-19 PM

Looks like there’s going to be another screaming baby to deal with soon.

03-24-15_11-21 PM-2

For a family orientated sim Tobias sure has strange reactions to pregnancy news.

03-24-15_11-22 PM

03-24-15_11-22 PM-2

Doesn’t look like he’s too thrilled with the idea. No fist bumping the air this time. 03-24-15_11-22 PM-4

But we do get some sort of smile in the end.

03-24-15_11-22 PM-5

The bumps starting to grow. No going back now Tobias.

03-24-15_11-27 PM

Everything is constantly breaking in the sims 4. It’s also extremely annoying when I accidentally click replace item instead of repair. It’s just not helping the funds.

But at least Tobias is getting rather handy around the house.

03-25-15_2-58 PM-2

Picture of big bump while Louisa feeds Aubrey.

03-25-15_2-59 PM

Which Aubrey grows up into a child not long after. She has the Active trait like Tobias as well as his brown hair, and she has Louisa’s brown eyes. I thought it was a nice mix. She’s also got the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

03-25-15_3-06 PM

Which resulted in buying monkey bars.

03-25-15_3-07 PM

And I put an extension on to the back of the house to give Aubrey her own room.

03-25-15_3-10 PM-2

This tiny TV was also bought which left much to be desired. But what can you do when your dirt poor. Took them long enough to get that.

03-25-15_3-11 PM

How she can even see that is beyond me.

03-25-15_3-15 PM

Apparently Tobias likes the smell of his cereal.

Tobias: Ah fresh fruit loops

Must be the lack of proper meals.

03-25-15_3-14 PM-2

One Saturday I decided it was time for Aubrey to get started on her aspiration. I left Tobias and Louisa painting, got Aubrey into a playful mood and headed to the park.

03-25-15_3-16 PM

03-25-15_3-17 PM-2

Where she completed her first milestone and even made some new friends. Which is a big step for me. My sims barely ever make friends. Let alone work on their childhood aspirations.

03-25-15_3-22 PM

03-25-15_3-24 PM

And when we return home we find Tobias and Louisa have found more fun things to do than paint.

03-25-15_3-25 PM

Treated Tobias to punching bag since he couldn’t paint because he was too tense from not working out.

03-25-15_3-26 PM

Something I don’t completely understand is how can you have homework when you’ve never been to school yet?

03-25-15_3-27 PM

Anywho it’s baby time again.

03-25-15_3-27 PM-2

And this time it’s TWINS!! Both girls. Meet Eloise and Lacey Stanton.

03-25-15_3-33 PM

And then the toilet broke. Which I think was a sign of things to come…

03-25-15_3-37 PM

Because these too babies were a handful. I’ve had twins on other families but never babies that cried so much.

03-25-15_3-41 PM

It wasn’t too bad at first. They cry at the same time for the same reason.